Misting System Controllers

We have 2 new Controllers / Timers available suitable for use with your Pollywog Misting Systems. Updated versions of our previous seconds timer offering these are made in the UK and have proven their reliability. The only brand of timer we advise for use with Pollywog Misting Systems! The updates bring a number of new […]

Pollywog Axolotl & Clawed Frog Pellets

The majority of Axolotls & Clawed Frogs will readily accept pellets as part of their diet and even more stubborn feeders may find the highly-scented nature of these pellets tempting. Pellets have a number of advantages over other foods such as high nutrition levels, long shelf life, & reduced risk of contamination.   Pollywog’s Original […]

Pollywog Natural Decor & Habitat Enrichment

The creation of naturalistic terrariums, miniature eco-systems, and biotope aquariums has been gaining popularity in recent years and our range of natural decor is at the forefront of the movement here in the UK. Not only do naturalistic enclosures look spectacular in your home, when housed in naturalistic enclosures your animals are made to feel […]

Pollywog Misting Systems

The trusted choice of hobbyists, breeders, shops, zoological facilities, & educational establishments worldwide. Pollywog Misting Systems were originally developed for use in our own breeding facility where we needed to automatically maintain the humidity in vivariums housing a wide variety of tropical Amphibians. In 2005 after extensive testing, evaluation and modification we decided to start […]

Rain Chamber Systems

As professional breeders we understand that one of the most important tools in the amphibian breeders arsenal is a reliable efficient rain chamber. Over the years we have experimented widely with a vast range of different methods of creating rain chambers and now we can save you all that time, expense, and hassle! Pollywog Rain […]

Terrarium Drainage System

When using a misting system, drip watering system or simply hand misting on a regular basis excess water accumulates in the drainage layer of a terrarium and requires removing periodically. With the Pollywog Terrarium Drainage System this no longer needs to be a regular manual chore. Made from polypropylene by one of the worlds leading […]