Doing our bit for local Amphibian & Reptile conservation

Whilst many companies working in the pet trade like to make donations towards the plight of Amphibians in South America and other exotic parts of the world, the global decline in Amphibian & Reptile populations is just as evident here in the UK!

At Pollywog we strongly believe that charity begins at home and after all if it weren’t for my fascination with native Frogs & Newts as a child we would never be in the business we are today. Throughout the year we dedicate huge amounts of our time, resources, and experience as professional Herpetologists to aid local conservationists in an attempt to secure the future for wild Amphibian & Reptile populations here in our local area.

We were recently instrumental in the relaunching of the Worcestershire Reptile & Amphibian Group (part of the ARG UK network) and are actively involved in monitoring local populations, carrying out necessary habitat management works, and educating the public about our native Herpetofauna. If you would like to learn more about what we are doing to safeguard the future of Amphibians & Reptiles in the Worcestershire area please get in touch we could always use more volunteers!