MasterPass & with Nochex

Our new shop is now equipped to accept Nochex payments of up to £150.00 from UK registered debit and credit cards, and unlimited payments from fellow Nochex account holders.

Nochex also brings 2 further payment options in the form of electronic wallet services MasterPass &

MasterPass is a payment service provided by global card scheme MasterCard. MasterPass’ service allows shoppers to create their own electronic wallets, which they can use to safely store all their card details. This will mean that when you want to make an online payment, you simply choose the MasterPass option and won’t have to re-enter your card details. In this way card payments will become faster, simpler, and safer. If you have a MasterPass wallet setup simply choose the Nochex option on checkout. is an electronic wallet service provided by world-wide card scheme Visa. The service allows buyers to set-up their own electronic wallets that they can use to securely store their various card details. This means that when you need to make a payment online, select the option and you don’t need to enter your card details again. If you have a wallet set up simply choose the Nochex option on checkout.