Pollywog Natural Decor & Habitat Enrichment

The creation of naturalistic terrariums, miniature eco-systems, and biotope aquariums has been gaining popularity in recent years and our range of natural decor is at the forefront of the movement here in the UK.

Not only do naturalistic enclosures look spectacular in your home, when housed in naturalistic enclosures your animals are made to feel more at home and will display behaviors that may otherwise be missed in the captive environment. Small touches such as the provision of pods that hold water from misting to create temporary pools of water, and bracket fungi forming ledges for basking and calling platforms can completely transform the terrarium and provide much needed enrichment to it’s inhabitants.

Although originally chosen for use in terrariums many of our products are also suitable for use in aquariums and have become very popular with tropical fish keepers especially Killifish, Beta, & Discus keepers looking to create blackwater biotopes where the added advantage of the natural tannins found in many of our pods & leaves are released.

All items in our natural decor range are sourced and hand picked by our professional herpetologists to ensure their suitability and safety for use with your animals. We have seen in recent times a number of competitors jumping on the band wagon and in their naivety offering natural decor products made from potentially toxic plants and woods, as well as rocks containing mineral/metal deposits that pose a risk to captive amphibians. As well as being chosen for their suitability we also aim to choose items for their sustainability with many of our products being bi-products of other industries such as Coconut & Banana plantations or from managed habitats the impact to the environment is minimal.

When choosing items from the Pollywog Natural Decor range you can rely on our expertise and experience and be assured that if we wouldn’t use them ourselves we won’t sell them!