About Pollywog

Pollywog was established in the early 00’s in order to provide our fellow enthusiasts with a reliable source of high quality captive bred Amphibians along with the information and specialist accessories required to maintain them in a happy and healthy manner.

Over the years our operation expanded greatly and by the late 00’s we had moved into a dedicated Amphibian breeding and product development facility situated at the foot of the Malvern Hills where we endeavoured to produce the finest captive bred livestock and the most innovative and reliable range of specialist husbandry products available including specialist diets, automated misting systems, rain chambers, and natural terrarium decor / environmental enrichment products.

With changes to the courier system in the mid 10’s we took the decision to close the retail sales of livestock and concentrate on commercial breeding and product development.

Now as 2018 comes to a close we have taken the decision to streamline our business and put a hold on our captive breeding programmes in order to concentrate on growing the consultancy side of our business. This has been a very tough decision for us but we will undoubtedly return to breeding in the future.

On this site you will continue to find information and details of our services, and we will soon begin to upload information on some of our past and present projects as well as a selection of care guides, articles & photo galleries showcasing some of the 250+ species / subspecies of Amphibia we have worked with over the years.

Our shop and eBay store will continue to run for the time being but we will be streamlining product lines to make the work load more manageable and profitable so please go and check out what we have to offer…