Black Alder Cones

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Black Alder Cones (Alnus glutinosa).

The big thing in creating Tadpole Tea. These Black Alder Cones are packed with tannins carrying anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties to help protect eggs and tadpoles.

Alder cones also carry Humins that release nitrogen, phosphor & sulfur that feed plants in the aquarium and are especially useful for keeping black water aquatic species such as Pipa & Typhlonectes.

Please note that these cones are much more potent than our Banana & Indian Almond Leaves, an average sized cone should treat around 1 gallon of water.

These cones will turn the water a clear shade of yellow and lower the pH.

Being a natural product these cones vary in size and weight, as a guide an average 35 gram bag may contain in the region of 50-75 cones, if a pack contains largely small cones it may contain more than this number, if a pack contains largely large cones it may contain slightly less than this number.

Also suitable for use with Fish & Shrimps.

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