Savannah Substrate

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A proprietary blend of substrate ideally suited to naturalistic / bio active terrariums / vivariums / paludariums housing Savannah Dwelling Reptiles & Amphibians.

Terrestrial & Fossorial Reptiles & Amphibians spend a lot of time in contact with their substrate so choosing the right mix is essential for their health, Pollywog’s Savannah Substrate is formulated to allow your terrarium inhabitants to live happy healthy lives in a naturalistic environment, it’s has a neutral pH, a loose aerated consistency but when compacted holds burrows well.

Our blend is made up of the following ingredients:

  • Top Soil: Fine neutral soil with high concentrations of beneficial organic matter and microorganisms.
  • Mature Leaf Mould: A favourite with old-school Herpetologists but hard to obtain commercially – packed full of forest floor nutrients.
  • Quartz Sand: Fine sub-rounded sand particles to help loosen the mix.
  • Pink Granite: Improves structure, aeration, and drainage.
  • Fine Orchid Bark: A fine grade of Pine bark – helps with drainage and aeration of the substrate.
  • Bark Mould: Decomposed Pine bark – helps to aerate the substrate, retain moisture while remaining free draining and provide nutrients for terrarium plants.
  • Carpet Moss: Milled carpet / sheet moss – helps to retain moisture for terrarium plants and promote the spontaneous growth of mosses and ferns.

For best results we recommend compacting a thick layer into the terrarium into which your animals can form burrows and then adding some looser substrate on top. The substrate may then be topped with a layer of leaf litter and moss to help retain some moisture.

We do not include custodian insects in this mix so it may be stored successfully and shipped year round.

Measured loose, we may slightly compact this product to ease shipping, when opened and fluffed up it will return to the volume stated.

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