Shrimp Pellets

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With a crustacean / shrimp meal based formula these pellets offer a fantastic opportunity to add variety to a pellet based diet. Suited to the hobbyist looking to add a bit of variety to the diet of their pet Axolotl, Clawed Frog (Xenopus), or large aquatic Newts (Pleurodeles, Tylototriton, etc.).

The majority of Axolotls & Clawed Frogs will readily accept pellets as part of their diet and even more stubborn feeders may find the highly-scented nature of these pellets tempting. Pellets have a number of advantages over other foods such as high nutrition levels, long shelf life & reduced risk of contamination.

For best results we recommend these pellets be used as part of a varied diet including livefoods, frozen foods, & other pelleted diets such as our original Pollywog Aquatic Amphibian Diets

Currently available in 1 size:

Medium = 3mm pellets

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