Rain Chamber Systems

As professional breeders we understand that one of the most important tools in the amphibian breeders arsenal is a reliable efficient rain chamber. Over the years we have experimented widely with a vast range of different methods of creating rain chambers and now we can save you all that time, expense, and hassle!

Pollywog Rain Chamber Kits offer you an affordable stand-alone fully internal solution allowing you to convert a standard glass aquarium into a rain chamber suitable for breeding a wide variety of Frogs and Toads.

Kits are available in a range of sizes to suit the most commonly used sizes of aquarium but can be tailored to suit your individual enclosure.

Based on the rain chamber systems we use here in our breeding facility these kits utilize either a flexible hose based system or a more sturdy push-fit system making them easily adaptable to different sized enclosures from 12″-36″ in height and any combination of length and width. meaning that you can use the same system in multiple enclosures just by changing a length of pipe. The kits utilize an energy efficient, noiseless pump with integral motor protection capable of running for extended periods and our sprinkler nozzles produce a torrent of droplets simulating rain fall much better than a misting nozzle. To view a clip of the Rain Nozzles installed in one of our early prototype systems please click on the thumbnail image at the bottom of this page.