Zoological & Educational Services:

Supply of livestock.

Consultations on Amphibian care & breeding.

Design, provision & installation of housing & breeding systems – for both front of house and behind the scenes.

Ex-situ breeding.

Field work.


Pet Trade Services:

Supply of livestock – from wholesale supply to individual pet shops, we can also offer ‘breed-on-demand’ services to wholesale customers & chain stores looking for regular supplies of certain species.

Design, provision & installation of housing systems.

Design & testing of Amphibian care products.

Species identification.


Media Services:

Film & Television:

Consultation services – Can’t get your subject to behave how you want? Maybe we can help you get the shot you need.

Field guides.

Supply of livestock for filming – outright sale or hire options available. Handlers also available.

Film, TV & Theatre props.

Printed Media:

Articles about Amphibian natural history, captive husbandry, and breeding.

Photographic services – stock photography or on-demand shoots.


Ecological & Conservation Services:

Amphibian & Reptile surveys – our head herpetologist Andrew Tillson-Willis is a fully licensed Great Crested Newt worker registered with Natural England allowing him to undertake surveys and certain works. In addition to the standard class license Andrew also holds a personal license to allow the use of non-typical survey methods. We are also able to offer eDNA surveys.

Specialists in non-native species – our background in the commercial sector gives us an advantage when it comes to dealing with non-native species whether it’s the identification of species at all stages of development or using our knowledge of commercial trapping & farming techniques to capture and remove alien species from the wild.

Ex-situ & In-situ breeding for reintroduction programs – We are able to establish bio-secure pods isolated from our ‘exotic’ stock.

We are now also able to provide surveys for Badger, Otter, Water Vole, Water Shrew, & Mink.