Terrarium Drainage System

When using a misting system, drip watering system or simply hand misting on a regular basis excess water accumulates in the drainage layer of a terrarium and requires removing periodically. With the Pollywog Terrarium Drainage System this no longer needs to be a regular manual chore.

Made from polypropylene by one of the worlds leading manufacturers in the irrigation and drainage industry you can be sure that our drain /overflow fittings are of the highest quality and built for purpose.

When installed into a 34mm hole drilled in the base or side of the terrarium and connected to a hose, any excess water can instantly drain away to a waste water receptical for easy disposal or to a sump to be filtered and recirculated back into the terrarium. Each drain fitting comes complete with rubber washer for a good water tight seal and a removable strainer to prevent entry by small terrarium inhabitants and to stop the drain becoming blocked by substrates – especially handy when buried in a hydroleca drainage layer. These fittings may also be used in fresh water aquariums to provide inlets, outlets, & overflows for external filtration and automatic water change or top-up systems.

34mm overflow fittings are common in aquarium plumbing and many aquariums & cold water fish vats, including the Laguna vats popular with Turtle keepers, are available pre-drilled to accept these fittings.

The drainage system includes a range of polypropylene barbed Tee’s, Elbows, and clear PVC hose allowing drains to be plumbed together. We also offer Taps that can be installed to allow individual drains to be shut off meaning the terrarium can be flooded when required – especially useful for simulating natural cycles when attempting to breed certain species.